Engine Issues

We have a volvo penta 20 20 and here we have grouped togeter our maintenance videos, our issues with our engine and all you really need to know about your engine from the view of owning one and were too afraid to ask.

Watch our "Small marina means it's squeaky bum time" video and add comments

Small marina means it's squeaky bum time

We were in Malahide and we were concerned about out exhaust elbow. It was a task that we had been putting off for various reasons We had not done this inspection before, so we were...
Watch our "No sails! No engine! We've lots to do" video and add comments

No sails! No engine! We've lots to do

As our contract nears the end, we carry on with our preparation for departure Departure day - 5 Beverley had visited a forcourt washing machine facility and got all the ropes washed. I have to...
Watch our "Help! I am being hunted down" video and add comments

Help! I am being hunted down

We had got out of the yard which meant that we needed to put the sails back up. While we had the sails down we used the opportunity to service in and around the sails, for example the foresail was...
Watch our "Not getting alarmed when stuff breaks!" video and add comments

Not getting alarmed when stuff breaks!

We still had an electrical item to install but it was sunny, so we decided to seize the day and go out for a wee burr, we also needed fuel as we burn a lot of fuel for heating. So that we could go...
Watch our "Getting nowhere fast" video and add comments etc.

Getting nowhere fast

We were in Carrickfergus for a few days seeing Beverley's mum, sorting out the engine and doing shopping, but it was at last time to be off and although we left late as we were saying goodbye to...
Watch our "18 months of neglect" video and add comments etc.

18 months of neglect

It is not a great feeling seeing your yacht being lifted out, but it is a necessary one because the anode needs changing plus a host of other tasks needs doing just to keep our home in tip top...
Watch our "First sail of the season" video and add comments

First sail of the season

We have been working so hard to get Salty Lass ready for sailing. It is amazing the amount of work that needs to be completed to get a boat ready, servicing the engine, and making repairs where we...
Watch our "Disaster Zone" video and add comments

Disaster Zone

After living aboard for four months and not moving our boat was what could only be described as a disaster zone. We had all the tools and equipment that we normally have in the v-berth in the back...
Watch our "Engine Service - Tips and tricks" video and add comments

Engine Service - Tips and tricks

This week we finally get around to our engine service. We have done a few videos covering this topic so we thought that this time we would just cover some of the tips and tricks that we have learnt...
Watch our "No cruising for us" video and add comments etc.

No cruising for us

We were getting ready to go, but we found an oil leak so we had to get that sorted first. There was a sharp rain shower down at the marina, followed by a beautiful rainbow. We both love to see...
Raising money for the RNLI

The RNLI turned 200 years old on 4th March 2024. So as sailors and people who promote the joy of sailing, we thought that we would like to raise just £200. What we hope is that other people take up the shout and raise their own £200. In the last 200 years the RNLI have saved over 144,000 lives and yet they are funded entirely by people like you. They are not government funded.

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