These galleries are of pictures that we have taken. Please note they are all copy write Salty Lass. If you require a bigger version of the picture then please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Carrickfergus Marina and some boats in the harbour


Well we might be stuck in Carrickfergus, but the weather has been beautiful, so we went out with the camera to take pictures of the town, the castle and the marina. ...


In Ardglass there is a small marina, which is a fantastic place to shelter in away from storms. There is also a harbour, which still has small fishing fleet, which is great to see. ...
Government House - Holyhead


In Holyhead, I was intrigued by the old buildings on the shore line, which turned out to be Government House and Soldiers Point. They had been abandoned, but they were still beautiful. They...


With the weather we had in Conwy, we were able to take some really atmosperic shots ...