Boat Buying

Buying a boat involves a lot of research, so we have put together what we did, to give you an insight to the whole process

Watch our "Where we spent all our savings" video and add comments

Where we spent all our savings

Next week we will finally be installing the DC-AC convertor that we bought last year with the last of our budget. So we thought that this would be a great opportunity to discuss our budget for...
How we bought our boat - full screan and where you leave comments etc.

How we bought our boat

In our experience, there are three ways to buy a boat. Buy brand new with all the mod cons, but its expensive Buy it cheap and then do it up Look for the middle ground If you have...
Watch our "Survey and Sea Trial" video and add comments etc.

Sea trial and Survey

Once you have decided that this is the yacht for you, then it is time for the test sail and survey. We had put in an offer on a boat in Troon, but we had failed to agree a price, with the...
Yacht buying Check list

Yacht buying Check list

When we were looking for our boat then there was several things that we looked for ourselves. Depending on if the boat was in or out of the water made some of the items easier, while others...
Watch our "Searching for our boat" video and add comments etc.

Yacht Search

Searching for a cruising yacht can be a lot of fun, but the first thing you need to do is service your car as you will be covering a lot of miles, as you go from one marina to another. So you are...