Sailing Yacht Salty Lass

Crazy Adventures, Fun and Friendship

These are the voyages of Salty Lass, a Bavaria 36 circa 2002, the two skippers Beverley and Gaynor and their assorted crew, including Prudence the channel mascot.

Watch oor "Mooring and Moaning in Millport" video and add comments

Mooring and Moaning in Millport

We prefer to ENJOY our sailing rather than ENDURE our sailing, but sometime that just does not happen. After we had stayed the night in Rothesay, we went to Millport to go to the moorings there....
Watch our "Pressing the distress button" video and add comments etc.

Pressing the distress button

Our journey continues around the Firth of Clyde, taking our time for us it is the only way to go. We were in Lochranza which is at the top of Arran, there they operate an honesty box, so we went...
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Whisky, anchors and strange monsters

We were at last in Scotland, in Campbeltown and our 2021 adventure could begin at last. Of course weather delayed the start of our adventure, so while we were holed up in Campbeltown, we did boring...
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Sailing to Scotland 2021

There are plans, desires and what we want to do, then there is the UK weather and soon you realise that your plan is out the window. Our plan was to go North and explore parts of Scotland that we...
Watch our "Failure at Fairhead" video and add comments etc.

Failure at Fair head

If everything goes to plan. It is a trip not an adventure. We were up and out to sea by 04:40, on 2nd May 2020, far too early in my opinion but when you need the tide to get you somewhere then...
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Not what we expected

Our contract for Carrickfergus Marina had expired on 30th April so it was a good thing that it was a sailable day for sailing because we had to go. We had tested the boat, we gad tested ourselves so...