Sailing Yacht Salty Lass

Crazy Adventures, Fun and Friendship

These are the voyages of Salty Lass, a Bavaria 36 circa 2002, the two skippers Beverley and Gaynor and their assorted crew, including Prudence the channel mascot.

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Passage Failure!

While we were in Caernarfon we saw my brother and met a really nice guy who donated some money into our Ko-fi account. It was good to feel appreciated for the videos that we put out and the work...
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Farewell Ireland! But we WILL be back

We were in Arklow and after a days rest, sailing can really take it out of you, it was time to plan our departure over to Caernarfon bar. When, Beverley and I are looking at passages there are...
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Masterclass: How NOT to gybe your sailboat

We left Kilmore Quay with a little bit of fowl tide. The tide turns early inshore, but we went about an hour earlier than that so that by the time we were at the corner of Ireland the tide would be...
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The graveyard of a thousand ships

We left Dunmore East under an incredibly moody sky, I love dark skies, especially when there is sunlight in the foreground, The contrast between the bright foreground and the dark skies is something...
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Our plans get derailed and we have to quit our cruise

Beverley and I had got to Waterford, so that I could get off as soon as I could and get back to the UK. This meant that Beverley was on her own into what I can only describe as a holding pattern....
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Stop chewing because your teeth are too loud

We had been in Kilmore Quay for a few days, but the weather looked favourable so we were off. We left just before low tide because at low tide the tide out at sea would be going in our favour, but...