We will be staying in and around Bangor Northern Ireland so we will see what content we will be making

Watch our "Will she have the nerve to do it" video and add comments

Will she have the nerve to do it

A re-edited version of our early sails We were in Liverpool and it was time to go sailing, so our first task was to hoist the dingy into it's sling on the back of Salty Lass. Next was all the...
Watch our "Why we built our own marina" video and add comments

Why we built our own marina

We actually built our own marina out of way points, over two years ago, because we wanted to see if we could get into the Marina if the engine failed. Building our own maina So to build our...
Watch our "This buoy saved us over £1000 pounds" video and add comments

This buoy saved us over £1000 pounds

Well oour annual maintenance time has approached and it is time to pull out our anchor chain and inspect it. Now we check our chain every tear, but one of the things that we don't do every year is...