Southern Ireland

There is much to explore in Southern Ireland as you go cruising

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Curry in Carlingford

We were safely anchored in the Skerries when the weather took a turn for the worse and just closed in. We had planned to get off the yacht and explore the small islands in and around the Skerries,...
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Rule of Twelfths

After spending the night in Howth, we were ready once again to set sail, and this time the wind was in the right direction so that we could anchor in the Skerries. Looking at the passage we decided...
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We are going to Dublin

Howth Lifeboat had got us safely secured back in Howth Marina. So now at least we had options, we could use the service of the local yard and have a lift and hold, but we could also employ the...
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Rescued at Sea

We arrived in Howth quite late, so once we had secured Salty Lass and knew that she was safe, we went down below and crashed out. The next day, once we had filled in the paperwork at the marina,...
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Sailing to Ireland

As we were moored up in Port Dinorwic, my mother and my brother took the opportunity to come visit us. So we explored around the local area, which allowed us to watch the regatta. There was so many...