Splicing Dyneema

There are several ways to splice dynemma and it is one of the simplest ropes to splice.

Equipment - Hollow Fid, Splicing needles, chopping board, sharp knife

Splice 1 - Long tail splice

The long tail splice is really easy as you take the short end of the rope and feed it through the long tail of the rope, you then take the long end of the rope and feed it through the short end. This locks the splice in place. Now take the short end and feed it into the core of the rope.

Advantages - Once done, the splice is locked in place. Disadvantage - You can only do this type of splice on one end

Splice 2 - Three dolphin splice

With this splice you need to take the short tail of the splice three times through the long tail before you feed the short into the core of the splice.

Advantage - Can be done on any size of rope. Disadvantage - This type of splice can undo if it is not under tension