Airplane Mode

We had a great laugh creating this pop video, the words can be found at

Some of the bits of video used are from the cutting room floor, but some are from our previous videos which are:-

Moving the boat - Were Back

Scenes of Liverpool - Servicing our Volvo Panta sea water cooling system

Sailing footage - Navigating Liverpools Rock Channel

Sitting on the wall, Cracking wake - Rescued at sea

Scene on the beech - RNLI - Heros who save lives at sea

Looking wrecked - Disaster on day one

Beautiful sea - Isle of Man Midnight race

Lifeboat in Portpatrick - Damsels in distress

Clipper racing - Clipper race

Giants - Giants, fridges and kedgeree

Sitting in chair - Stormy weather

Having a drink - Ferry to the Mersey

At Anchor - Rule of Twelfths

Leaving the dock - Isle of Man Midnight race

Portpatrick - No water under the keel

Peel - Meat feasts and castles

We have absolutly no idea of the adventures that we are going to have this year, but I know one thing for sure and that is we are going to enjoy it.