Going completley around the bend

Beverley and I were a few days in Arklow, sorting out a few boat tasks and getting videos put together and things of that nature. I have to say the marina in Arklow is really tiny, but it has quite a few yachts that look too big for the space. For example two yachts were nose to nose to each other, while still being in a pontoon type situation. The visitor pontoon however is excelent altough the step up from the pontoon to the ramp can be quite big, especially at low tide. The harbour master at Arklow was really nice and helpful although he does not believe in putting the radio on

While we were out just past Arklow we saw a huge fish farm that was not marked on the charts. It just goes to show you that charts can be wrong even when I had just updated them in Dun Laoghaire, while your eye is always to be believed, The other thing about charts is that they do not show pot balls and there are usually one or two of them about.

Athough there was no wind at the start of the journey, some wind did turn up and we managed to put out a reefed Genoa. I was so happy. Even though the wind was light, we had to put out a reefed sail because the wind would not be able to hold too much fabric out.