Hot and Cold

It was January and our heating system stopped working. Beverley took the heating system apart to look at the atomiser and the glow plug. The glow plug was the correct shape, being nice and square, but the atomiser was all covered in soot, as well as the inside of the combustion chamber. Unfortunately this meant that we would have to take the heating system back to the service centre.

While the heating system was being serviced Beverley put down a dry mat from TCS under our mattress. This allows air to circulate under the mattress, but the other important thing is that provides another layer of insulation under the mattress. Beverley cut the dry mat with a set of scissors, then attached the extra bits on using cable ties. The scraps from the dry mat, were put into the bottom of the electrical locker so that the electrical equipment did not rest on the floor.

Following on from last weeks video we were directed to a different close cell foam, from Van Demon,  this time 10mm thick, from our point of view, the good thing was that there was 5m in stock, more than enough for us to finish off insulating where we needed. Beverley gave me a few top tips on cutting up the mat, for example, cut from the widest part and work to the edge. Also just work a little piece of foam onto the side of the hull at a time.

Another issue covered in the video was how we blocked up a space just below the anchor locker, which is just a piece of wood, pushed in to cover the hole.