In 2019 there was a lot of boat projects, Salty Lass was set up as a day cruiser and we wanted to live aboard full time. As usual it always takes longer than you think and it was the end of May before we finally left Liverpool. We then went on an adventure cruising around Scotland and Northern Ireland, before returning to Liverpool to see family and friends. We left Liverpool to Conwy and cruised along the North coast of Wales. We then decided that the weather was getting too bad for cruising so we decided to move to Bangor for six months to complete yet more boat projects and get in some winter sailing.

Watch out 'Saving money - Dyneema and the Dan girl' video and add comments etc,

Saving money - Dyneema and the Dan girl

Fixing a Traditional Coastal Dan Buoy Equipment – Empty 1350g Vanish OxiAction container. Most are pink but the crystal white container is white. Drill with bit, sharp knife, vernier,...
Watch our 'Splicing Dyneema' video and add comments etc

Splicing Dyneema

There are several ways to splice dynemma and it is one of the simplest ropes to splice. Equipment - Hollow Fid, Splicing needles, chopping board, sharp knife Splice 1 - Long tail splice ...
Watch our 'RNLI - Heros who save lives at sea' video and add comments etc.

RNLI - Heros who save lives at sea

I met RNLI volunteer crewman Mark Greensmith while I was working as a temporary receptionist. While he was waiting for his appointment I chatted to him about his work and more importantly his...